Update: Giveaway Extended until May 15

To celebrate our interview with Bill Nericcio we’ve decided to host a giveaway!  As we will be reviewing the two brand-new graphic novels by Gilbert Hernandez in the upcoming edition of Diversions —  coming out May 8th, mark your calendar — and since Bill is the one who introduced us here at Diversions to Hernandez, we’re going to give away the books after we review them!

That’s right, we put together a set of two First Edition graphic novels: Marble Season and Julio’s Day.

*Hot off the press and ready for your reading pleasure, but sorry, we can only ship in the U.S. or Canada**

To enter, please do all three:

1) Like our facebook page: Diversions

2) Share our blog link via twitter (please write @diversions_lit when sharing the link on twitter)

3) Leave a comment here on this post, telling us what your favorite comic book or graphic novel is and why. It can be short and sweet, no long answer is necessary!

The deadline to enter this contest is May 15th.

Good luck and we can’t wait to see your entries!



  1. parallaxedjournal

    My favorite graphic novel is “Maus” by Art Spiegelman. It’s really profound and is a mix of different genres. As for comic books, I liked the Archie Comics growing up!

    — from Jenny, one of the ‘Parallaxed’ editors

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  3. silimarin

    “Maus” by Art Spiegleman was also my favorite! Studying history for my social science major really exposed me to the historical story of WWII. “Maus” took it even further by creating a stronger emotional character to tie onto. It also love Frank Miller’s 300!

    –silimarin, another Parallaxed Journal editor!

  4. Jenny Minniti

    Just met the minds behind “American Boom,” which is a comic book based in San Diego/ TJ, featuring a strong female hero, and developed both for print and the web! I like it for all three of those reasons.

  5. Sam Wolfley

    My favorite comic book is the two volumes of MAUS by Art Spiegelman. They are expertly drawn and narrated. The books are historical, accurate, and engaging. Spiegelman is a master of the graphic novel!

  6. Sam Wolfley

    Wow, just looked at the other comments…looks like MAUS is popular! I didn’t even realize that so many other people had already named it! OK, I feel like I should name something else now…I also enjoyed “Ghost World” by Daniel Clowes and “Human Diastrophism” by Gilbert Hernandez, which we just read in my American Lit Post 1960 class, which introduced me to graphic novels. Now I’ve become a fan and I’m starting to read more and more of them! I’m currently reading “The Plain Janes”, which I got for my birthday, because I’m trying to find graphic novels appropriate for high-schoolers, since I plan to teach high school English and I want to get teens interested in reading 🙂

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