Reviewed: Ocean Beach Comedy at Winstons, May 24th Edition

By Allie Schulz

Thanks for the laughs, Ocean Beach Comedy! Here’s my review of the May 24th Show.

Friday night, Ocean Beach Comedy (OBC) at Winstons, in 4 parts.

1. The Open Mic. Starts at 6p. Depending on how many sign up, comedians will get 3-5 minutes. Quality ranges, but regulars always get the crowd laughing. Last night I got to see Erik Westland, Austin Train, Chris Curtis, Matt Zink, Jerry Marsh, Nick Crosby, Andrew Deans- I’m sure I’m missing a few, some of whom probably went up before I got there- but those I saw were awesome!!

An aside: Hosts Jesse Egan and Jeff Bilodeau– seasoned professionals in both the comedy and broadcasting worlds- know nearly everyone in the joint. In introducing one of the comedians last night, Jeff said something like “Here he is: the lawnmower of comedy,” and so it became a joke for the night to say “the weed-whacker of comedy” the “the [insert random power-gardening-tool] of comedy.” And I mention that because it exemplifies my favorite thing about OBC- the cohesiveness of the experiment. Even the bartenders actively engage with the show- laughing and commenting, and you can often catch the bouncer cracking a little smile.

2. The Lightning Round! In this exercise comedians get one minute to tell one joke. Keeping people under the time limit is the hardest part for Jesse and Jeff, and for the comedians the hardest part is telling a joke that is not too long, not too short, but just right. IMHO very few succeed, but that might just be why it is so funny.

3. Your Featured Comedians. They get about 8 minutes. This show featured Jake Anderson and Robert Weems, both delivered hilarious material and had to deal with a bro-heckler who freely admitted that he was not there for the comedy or the alcohol. WHAT?! Jeff actually also did a set last night, before bringing up Jake and then Robert, and ended up in a hilarious exchange with Jesse about song lyrics turned product advertisements. “Don’t Worry, Be Happy- Zoloft!”

4. Your Headliners: Here we get 10 minute sets, this time around from Barbara Thomason and then Dewey Bratcher. Barbara was on her game and always seems to bring comedy back to the female experience. She’s never afraid to make jokes about periods and last night was no exception- she had the crowd in stitches when she used the word “lady-boner” and did her best to turn the bro-heckler into a top-shelf drink-buying suitor. Dewey dropped intelligent jokes about a wide variety of issues, dealt with the heckler once and for all, and ended the show on a great note. I will most definitely seek out his performances in the future.

I have to say, this was one of the more fun and positive shows that I have been to at Winstons. I hope the trend continues!

Ocean Beach Comedy Flyer

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