Entice Your Mind.
Read What You Want.
This collection seeks to shed light on American stories, in their multitudes.

Editor Bios:

Ciera Heimbigner

Ciera Heimbigner

Ciera Heimbigner is an editor for Diversions Journal. She is an overachiever and a multitasker. She loves playing sports, working with elementary-aged children, wearing dresses, and picking flowers. She enjoys reading and writing random quotes, aesthetic and contemplative poetry, and analytical research. She desires to understand the metaphysical concepts of life, and is fascinated with the unknown. Specifically, she researches and writes about religious texts, considering their literary, cultural, and historical contexts as well as their overall influence. Start reading!


Allie Schulz

Allie Schulz educates through writing and designing and has a passion for the cultural studies field. She enjoys yoga, demented cinema, reading Freud, and also likes picking flowers. She studies the convergences of social and environmental justice, the narrative arts, and educational technologies. Follow her on the Diversions social media on Twitter (@lo7usflow3r).


Nam Tran

Nam Tran often finds himself on bizarre out-of-body experiences. Day-in and Day-out. He enjoys hiking, going on adventures, and stargazing into the light pollution of San Diego city. He internalizes and uses his experiences to inspire his writings and art. If you have an interest in following this young and aspiring writer/artist, please feel free to follow him on the Diversions Facebook page or other related social media.

kenneth leonard picture

Kenneth Leonard

Kenneth Leonard’s opinions are way more rigid than can be considered justifiable, given his level of education. He’s fascinated with odd subcultures including extreme origami artists, religious fundamentalists, bodybuilders and (perhaps most unusual) writers. He was in the U.S. Army once for four years and he doesn’t want to talk about it. Read his columns at thedailyaztec.com and follow him on Twitter (@kleonardiscool).

Michael Barlevav

Michael Barvolvev

Michael Barlevav grew up in the San Fernando Valley of Northern Los Angeles. He loves classic music from several different genres, spanning the entire 20th century. To him, modern music is more like noise and lyrics have been reduced to addressing petty, unimportant, topical nonsense. He explores the intertwining of philosophical and worldly issues into the music of bygone eras that, in every way, objectively, is better than anything being released today.

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