Category: American Dreams

Dream Two: Phantom Letter

Written and Illustrated by Nam Tran

Cortimore was an aspiring novelist, notorious for her hippy hipstery ways, routinely carrying books with the imaginative scrawlings of Kerouac, Fitzgerald, Salinger, and Palahniuk along with her. The problem: beneath her vintage clothing and thick-framed glasses, Cortimore could only make it as far as that one first letter. It could have been an “A,” maybe a “Z” or a “Q,” but all too quickly the jolts of creative genius relinquished from her body and nothing but sparks of futile contemplations would remain.

Even so, Cortimore was not a woman without talent; she had an unfathomable intelligence hidden within her awaiting the most precise occasion in which to arise. However, Cortimore was never much the party type, and had a habit of prolonging such “occasions.” Continue reading

Dream One: The Watchful Watches

Written and Illustrated by Nam Tran, Edited by Allie Schulz

The tinkering sounds of the faceless clock transfigured into the fluid animation of gears and robotics—each part progressing ever further into the realm of majestic function. The crinkles and folds of skin became deeper and stronger, as the watchmaker, for the first time in years became animated. “It worked,” he said, as the beads of joy flowed down his cheeks, soaring through the air as they broke upon the finely detailed etches and sketches of his imagination.

Silence permeated the room as the maker of watches reflected on the magnitude of his invention. He himself was not entirely aware of his invention’s capacity for change, however he did know that every brand from Mont Blanc to Rolex to Omega to Breitling would be begging for the rights to partnership with him. This was his ambition, his dream finally, possibly, fulfilled. Though, not exactly . . . Continue reading